Saturday, March 31, 2012

our life with...cloth diapers

I did it to save money. Jimmy did it to help the Earth. But either way, our adventure with cloth diapers started right before Blee was born. Our good friend B introduced it to us with her son and after much research, we decided to give it a try.

Before you read on, lemme give you some crazy, disturbing stats...

Did you know...
- conventional disposable diapers are the third largest contributors to landfills in the world, even though only five percent of the population uses them
-  a single disposable diaper can take up to 500 years to biodegrade in the landfill
- the manufacture and use of disposable diapers amounts to 2.3 times more water wasted than cloth

Crazy, huh? I even checked out a book from the library to read up on different types of cloth diapers and after stressing out way too much, we decided on 2 brands. gdiapers & GroVia.

We used gdiapers for Blee for the first 6 months or wasn't my favorite, but the since they come in different sizes, I was able to find the perfect fit for his little butt.

After he grew out of them, we tried the GroVia. In my opinion, GroVia was much easier. Unlike gdiapers, which had 3 pieces, GroVia only had 2 pieces, and had cuter shells/covers (because, you know, the design on the diaper cover matters. A LOT). The ones we bought were also one-size, and used snaps to change the fit.

Blee is now 18 months, and he still uses them.

...and he also likes to play under the diaper covers as they dry in the kitchen.

Canon 5D, Mark II EF 24-70mm L (ISO 1250, f1.8, 1/160)

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