Thursday, March 29, 2012


I follow A LOT of blogs. When I took photos professionally (oh, as in up to 3 months ago) I followed almost 20 photo blogs for inspiration. And then one day, everybody started talking about Pinterest. Something about boards. Pinning thing onto a “board”. And, since I’m nosy and wanted to keep up with the rest, I checked it out. And OMG. I shouldn’t have. It’s dangerous. It sucks up your time like no tomorrow. But it’s oh-so-fun!!!

Pinterest is a visual bookmark. It’s like you have a giant corkboard and you get to pin all your favorite images and links. Some of my categories are : Party Ideas, Little Blee, If I Ever Have a Girl, Holidays, Foods, Photo Props, and Home. It’s interactive, so you can follow your friend’s board and even add things to their board. Here’s a glimpse of my boards…
…and you can follow me here!
Let's be Pinterest buddies!

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