Sunday, April 22, 2012

baby’s first 100 words

I majored in Human Development at UCSD (GOOOOO Tritans!!!), so I would like to think that I know a thing or two about raising a child. About 6 months ago, my friend mentioned that she’s having her 1 year old daughter memorize and practice words from the book, “Baby’s First 100 Words”. Now, I already know that my son is going to be a late speaker. That’s what usually happens in a household who speaks more and one language. And since my mom watches my son for almost 45 hours a week, and ONLY speaks Japanese to him, I figured he won’t speak till oh…3? It takes time to process two languages, so it’ll probably be a long while before I hear him speak.

...or so I thought

It turns out that my son is truly Jimmy’s mini-me. His genes definitely won over the environmental factor. The kid talks non-stop. Just like his daddy. Blee is now 19 months old and I finally got a chance to write down all his words.
Japanese – datchi (hold me), nen ne (sleep), atta (“there it is!”), nai (“not here”), wan wan (dog), bubu (car), kaeru (frog), kusai (stinks!), pan (bread), nani? (what), daiji (important), oishi (yummy)
Animals – bee (for bugs, ants, bees, flies, etc)
Food – cracker, milk, coo-key (cookie), apple, bana (banana), wawa (water), fish
People – mommy, daddy, baba (grandma), Tatsuki, Tat-chan, Max (our neighbor's dog)
Phrases – “ready, go!” “haro?”, “up up”, “pu ree” (please),“ten kyu” (thank you), “uh oh”, “stuck!”, “amen!”,“more”, “eww”, “ba bye!”, “hi”, "la you" (love you)
Colors – pink, blue
Objects – bath, ja ja (jacket), truck, ball, book, teeth, flower, shoes, socks, fu (flute), baby, key, hat, tao (towel), car (cards), bocks (blocks), poon (spoon)
Other - down, puetty (pretty), back, walk, hot, wash

His favorite phrase right now is "ready, go!"
I love him.

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  1. Awwww so cute ive only heard him say "hi" "mommy" "daddy" and "please"