Monday, April 30, 2012

biggest loser : week 3

14 days in the challenge and I've lost 14 sweet ounces last week, with a total of a little over 4 pounds! I blame Jimmy for my slow weight loss last week. He used leftover donuts to make a disgusting donut bread pudding / casserole thing. He also opened a bag of Cadbury eggs. Evil.

This is the picture of the donut thing. Jimmy said Instagram-ing made it look gross. He think I should never take pictures of food with Instagram.

On another note, I went to Kula Sushi yesterday. It's the new revolving sushi bar in Torrance, and it was pretty darn yummy (one more reason I didn't lose weight). Jimmy, my parents, and my brother, and I ate a total of 40 plates. If you plan to go, be prepared to wait in line!

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