Sunday, April 8, 2012

day 9 of spring break : eggs, hullabaloo, & dt disney

Let me start this post by saying that a lot of kid-related stuff are overrated. My previous post about the gingerbread train...totally overrated. Never doing it again.

Now, our 9th day of Spring Break started off with my attempt to color Easter eggs. I bought the kit awhile ago and was looking forward to some intense egg-dyeing business.

The reality? Took a lot to set up, and was left with a lot to clean up. I have no clue what to do with the eggs (can you eat them afterwards?) and the actual dyeing process took about 5 minutes. And as much as I know it's for the kiddos, and as much as I know Blee is way too young to enjoy and fully understand what's going on, I think I'm done. Sorry Blee...your only hope is your daddy. Mommy's out.

Canon 5D MarkII 28-70mm 2.8 L (ISO 800, f 2.8, 1/160)

Now, wanna know what's super fun for kids AND adults? Hullabaloo Playhouse! We went for a birthday party and Jimmy Blee, and I enjoyed it...A LOT.

Canon 5D Mark II 28-70L (ISO 1600, f 2.8, 1/320)

Ok, I take that back. My son was scared for his life while getting his face painted. He got a cute red balloon =)

After the Hullabaloo Playhouse, we headed to Downtown Disney for a relaxing time of shopping and food.

Canon 5D Mark II 28-70mm L (ISO 400, f 2.8, 1/200)

One more day till going back to work!

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