Sunday, April 29, 2012

a few of my favorite things...

…not that anyone cares, but here we go...

1.            post-its. I have them everywhere. I start to get nervous when I’m low on post-its.

2.            the back section of West Ways. I love looking at events in the area. I just wish they post things months in advance so I could plan my weekends with festivals! I’m currently trying to convince Jimmy to take me to San Diego during Mother’s Day weekend so we can hit the Battle of the Mariachis in San Juan, Chocolate Festival in Encinitas, and the Crawfish Festival in San Diego .

3.            Fresh & Easy’s Simple Cook line. They recently built a Fresh & Easy in my neighborhood and since they send me a bunch of coupons every week, it’s my new favorite place to shop. Their Simple Cook line is super easy to make and delicious. It helps that they also have pictures of what all the ingredients I need.

4.            coupon sorter thing. Yup, I’m THAT crazy lady blocking the middle of the Target aisle sorting through my coupons. I think my record is $64 in savings.

5.            Target RED card. Why in the world did I not get this thing earlier? They take 5% off on ALL purchases! Just bring a VOID check and they will link it to your bank account, so you can use it as a debit card. Plus, you never have to save your receipt…just give them your RED card for returns and exchanges!

Hmmm…do you see a trend? I like saving money =)

6.            blogs. Jimmy can tell you that all I do after Blee sleeps is look at blogs. It’s addicting. Kinda like watching reality TV, but it’s quieter and a lot less raunchy. Here are some of my favorite “mommy” blogs.

7.            toddler snacks. Expensive, but delicious. I also came across this blog and I’m determined to make every single one of them.

8.            KP Duty. I have this thing called  Keratosis Pilaris. It’s a common skin condition where you have red, bumpy chicken skin, mostly on the outer sides of the upper arms. I bought the exfoliation and the lotion from last week, and my skin already looks a little less red and a little less bumpy. Perfect timing for summer.

9.            my boys. duh. almost forgot.

10.          spell check. Because without it, this blog would be painful to read.

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