Saturday, April 14, 2012


WE LOVE FOOD. WE, as in the Koontz residence. We love it all. Curry? Yup. Seafood? Yup. Noodles? Double yup. From Thai to Peruvian, Greek to Korean, WE LOVE TO EAT.

So, it was natural that we encouraged Tatsu to eat everything and anything. In the beginning, Jimmy made homemade baby food using the totally awesome Beaba. Then my mom took over. She bought a crazy intense Japanese baby cookbook and went to town. Thanks to her, my son daily eats fish, and porridge with what seems like 20 different veggies. GO MOM!  

Last week was Spring Break for LAUSD, which meant my mom wasn't on baby duty. This also meant that I had to somehow come up with food for my son.

I tried my best...
Baby curry / Spaghetti (same ingredients)

2 - carrots
2 stalk - celery
1 - onion
1 - potato (curry only)
1 stalk - broccoli (spaghetti only)

For : baby curry

1. dice the veggies up as small as you can

2. cook them according to the curry sauce mix (I use the Japanese's intended for kids over 1 years old because the sodium content is lower than the regular ones)

3. pour over rice

For : spaghetti

1. dice the veggies up as small as you can

2. cook the veggies with a can of diced tomatoes (I use the NO SALT ADDED kind...I also try to avoid using pasta sauce because of the high sodium content)

3. while the sauce is cooking, boil water and cook the spaghetti.

4. cut up the spaghetti in small pieces so it's easier for the little ones to eat.

5. sprinkle a little bit of Parmesan cheese

My boy can eat 2 bowls of these...easily!

Japanese wheat noodles with natto (fermented soy beans)

1. cook somen noodles according to the package

2. prepare soup base according to the bottle

3. put natto over the noodles and serve

*I just realized that it was basically pointless to write the steps. Ha!*

Spinach nuggets

1pkg - frozen Spinach
1/2 cup - bread crumb
1/2 cup - flax seed meal
3 - eggs
1 1/2 cup - cheese

1. cook the spinach
2. mix all the ingredients
3. bake @ 375 degrees (20 minutes -> flip -> 10 minutes)

*you can make fun shapes with cookie cutters**

My boy also LOVES dips. He can chow down a bucket of hummus, guacamole, and spinach dip in no time!

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