Thursday, April 12, 2012

our life with : a toddler

We recently bought a set of Duplo for Blee. We received a box from Jimmy's aunt for his 1st birthday, but he was too small to play with them. Now that he's older, we decided to pull them out.

One problem. We didn't have a table for Blee to play his Duplo on.
I noticed him playing with his Duplo guys on the kitchen trashcan (I know, poor kid) and then he tried playing with them on the couch, but they didn't really stay up. We got him a cardboard box, but that also didn't last very long.

Solution? IKEA. We found a cute little table with the perfect size, height, and shape for our little boy. But as with many things, we realized pretty quickly that we made a BIG mistake.

The conversation for the picture below went like this...

     Jimmy : "Uh oh..."
     Me : "what?"
     Jimmy : pointing at Blee as he walked over to his xylophone "What the heck were we thinking?"
     Me : "...crap"

The darn thing is made of metal. ARGGGG! We were happy for a split second when we discovered that we could use magnets on the table, but boy-oh-boy, this table is going to be LOUD. VERY LOUD. Total fail on our part.

Oh well, the Duplo guys seem to like the new table...

...and at the end of the day, if this little guy is happy, I guess that's all it matters. (well, only until the table drive me crazy and I decide it's going to be an "outdoor-only" table)

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