Friday, May 11, 2012

Instagram Friday

My week in Instagram...

1. My son has pretty good aim. He threw the fly swatter at the blinds. (which happens to be is favorite toy…he walks around the house swinging the darn thing) He was pretty proud of himself and screamed and clapped his little hands. Me? Oh, I gave him a ‘time-out’ for throwing objects at the blinds. Poor kid. I’m crushing his self-esteem…one throw at a time.

2. We got some cool yard art from JoAnn. Even better, they were all 50% off.

3 ....and while I was taking a picture of the yard art, Blee decided to drag his homemade drum set outside.

4. Made tamale pie using the 'Simple Cook' kit from Fresh and Easy. Took me about 30 minutes to cook the whole a nice side salad with tomatoes and avocado.

5. Confession : my 20 month old still bathes in the baby tub.
He doesn't seem to care = I don't care.

6. My last week teaching Algebra to 8th graders. You bet I had to review my notes!

9. Love the time I spend with my son after dinner.

10. Bought cute fabric for my craft project. Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials!

11. Last but not least...working hard towards my goal weight! Whoo hoo!

That's it for now! Happy Friday!

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  1. go you for working hard on your goal...AND on teaching algebra!!! two things i am decidedly not a fan of! ;)

    thanks for linking up!