Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 on 10

10 on 10 : 10 photos on the 10th of the month, for 10 consecutive hours.



7am : Being a good listener and keeping the balloons OUTSIDE the kitchen.

8am : My kitchen floor (obviously Blee didn't listen for long...)

9am : Refused to clean up the mess = time out = screaming child = tired child.

10am : Quick trip to Fresh and Easy before church. Blee decided to put the check-out-champ sticker on his face while I was scanning the food.

11am : Children's Moment at church. While seeing so many kids brings a smile to my face, seeing Blee blend in with the big kids makes me a little sad.

12pm : Still at church. Jimmy presenting the budget as the church treasurer. (And for those of you who know us really well...yes, he is holding an ipad. GASP!)

1pm : Finally leaving church. Taking a moment to look at the beautiful flowers in the church lawn.

2pm : Quick stop at Mc Donald's before hopping on the freeway. 89 cents of deliciousness.

3pm : @ Jimmy's aunt's house. Blee having a great time with Rusty (who happens to be the cutest dog ever!)

4pm : After hours of hard work, the play structure was torn down and it's ready to bring it to our backyard =) Thanks Jimmy, grandpa, and Uncle Bill!

5pm : Family BBQ. Jimmy needs to hold Blee back since he tends to snatch food from other people's plates.

6pm : Copying everything his cousin does...R asked me take a photo of him next to his chalk masterpeice, and Blee joined right in.

7pm : On our way home. Love that it's still bright out.

7 more work days...can't for the summer!

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