Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Happy Father’s Day to the best daddy ever! Seriously, Jimmy is a far better parent than I am. I have heard my friends comment on how much Jimmy takes care of Blee and how good he is with him. How else would I have been able to leave for Japan for 10 days when Blee was only 9 months old? Or go to Seattle for a girl’s weekend when he was 15 months? I actually think he spends more time with him than with me. They really like each other.
So, I tried to best I could.  
First up, he ate freshly baked croissants, thanks to Trader Joe’s frozen aisle.

He witnessed his son eat his first slice of bacon (surely a proud moment)

He opened some awesome gifts.

Went to church wearing his horrible awesome new I’m-a-totally-cool-dad tie.

And then came home and spent the rest of the day with family (Jimmy, his cousin R, Blee, and grandpa)

Happy Father's Day Jimmy! We love you!


  1. I love my son .. and I love hearing about other fathers that spend time with their kids!! Good job Jimmy~

    BTW ... awesome book!! Such a creative idea! Did you go somewhere that had a book template, or did you do it yourself?

  2. Hi! The template is from There's a cuter one specifically for dads on I wish I saw this one earlier...maybe next year!