Sunday, June 24, 2012

first day of summer

The BESTEST thing about being a teacher is the summer vacation. I started counting down with my students about 2 months ago, and it's finally heerreee!!!

On the first day of summer, I made a little tiny lunch for Blee and headed to the beautiful Ryan Park in Palos Verdes.

*Edamame, cherry tomato from our garden, eggs, string cheese, sausage, and rice ball with chicken*

Despite the fact that we had breakfast right before we left, Blee wanted to eat as soon as we got there.

He ate everything except for the tomato...gotta work on that.

After lunch, Blee and daddy played together while I, of course, snapped some photos.

Can you believe this light? It's totally gorgeous.

Before we left, I took one last photo, I made sure I was in it.

I love the summer.


  1. Great pictures!! Blee is adorable as ever! Love the hat and crocs~ and his lil lunch was so cute~ Enjoy your summer off~ So lucky!