Sunday, June 3, 2012

grow already!

A couple months ago, Jimmy went through this crazy I’m-going-to-become-a-farmer-and-plant-everything-I-see thing. We basically went to Home Depot everyday and bought a bunch of plants and flowers for our backyard. Now, after several months of diligent watering and caring, we are seeing the results.

 First up, the tomatoes...(the one on the left has a funny nose)

...and our blueberry bush is doing well so far...

...and for the first time, we got some flowers on our peach tree.

And last but definitely not least, our strawberries are going strong.

We also bought a couple of fun yard ornaments from Joann and the $1 section at Target. I first thought the "grow already" sign was totally cute and funny. But then I see Blee playing next to the “grow already” sign and I think, oh, but I so wish he could stay the same…

Sure, I would love to get him potty trained so we don’t have to wash his stinky cloth diapers, but at the same time, I love listening to him shriek as I chase him around the house with a new diaper. I also love watching him smell the freshly laundered diapers and give me the, it’s-not-stinky-anymore grin.

Sure, I would love for him to grow bigger so he can wear his totally cool pair of Converse I got from the outlet, but I also love seeing his little toesies in the Stride Rite shoes. Plus, Converse and Tom’s remind me of my middle school students, and that’s something I could live without…at least for a couple more years.

Sure, I would love for him to eat without spitting things out, but it’s also very entertaining to watch him pick out food from his bib and eat it. Gross, I know, but every time he does it, I have to look away and chuckle.

I could almost image myself having this conversation with Jimmy in 10 years…

Remember when Blee used to smell his own diaper and scrunch his face?”
“Remember how Blee used to run in his brown shoes? With one hand behind his back and the other flopping side to side?”
“Remember how Blee stored his food in his pouch and ate them after he cleaned his plate? And how he would sometimes throw the food from it?”

Ahhhhh…kids grow up, whether you like it or not. I’m going to do my best to enjoy every moment.

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  1. Don't you love how you spend so much time taking care of a plant .. and how happy you are when it produces that one single item .. 10 months later~ LoL ... I can see how happy you guys are over that 1 strawberry!! Can't wait for the day you guys split it into three~ and then wait another couple of months for another to grow!! hahaha .. Happy Gardening~

    BTW .. Blee is adorable!