Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY : chalk vases

Super easy DIY chalk vases! All you need is an empty jar, tape, chalkboard spray paint, and chalk. 

Step 1 : Gather up some jars (we save jars from BBQ sauces, pickles, jam, etc). Peel the labels with warm soapy water. If it's too sticky, you can use Goo Gone

Step 2 : Using tape, mask off the place you want to spray. You can cover up the rest of the jar with old newspaper.

Step 3 : Spray your heart out.

Step 4 : Let it dry and peel off the tape and the newspaper.

Step 5 : Write cute messages / draw pictures using chalk. *Chalk markers would probably work better and will be less messy*

Step 6 : Add fresh cut flowers or add soil and potted flowers.

 I made these for a friend's baby shower. Each vase had a different message for the baby : "grow wise", "grow honest", "grow with God", "grow healthy", and "grow sweet".

I've yet to meet the baby girl...I can't wait!