Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy 30+ Birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HUSBAND!! Jimmy's THIRTY-ONE today! It's nice to know that he'll always be older than me. We were looking through some pictures the other day and found these...he was such a cute baby. I think he looks a lot like Blee, especially in the second photo.

Jimmy at 3 months.

Jimmy at 11 months with his grandparents. Looks just like Blee...except for the blond hair.

Jimmy at 18 months.

...and just for kicks, this was us last year around this time...(photo by Kristin Eldridge)

Do you even recognize this guy? He looks ten years younger than what he looks now. What happened? Stress? Too much bacon? Too much coffee? Just kidding. I should at least be nice on his birthday.


Happy birthday to the most awesomest husband and daddy! (and son, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend and teacher) Blee and I LOVE YOU more than you'll ever know and we are both praying that you would have a great year as a 31-year-old! Thank you for always making us laugh and staying strong. Hope you have a great day today!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jimmy~ Ah .. to be 31 again!! Hahaha .. Blee totally looks like baby Jimmy~ So cute~ and WOW! What a difference a beard makes!! Enjoy your 31st~