Friday, July 20, 2012

insta friday

Our week in instagram photos...

1. About 3 months ago, Jimmy and I bought a shady looking product called Roll Out Flowers at Ross. You might have seen it on an's basically a mat that you roll out and water and BOOM! you get a ton of flowers. I was VERY skeptical, but on Monday, I found this beauty.

2. My son is into blueberries. We have a blueberry bush, but it's not producing fast enough for him. Farmer's Market to the rescue!

3. Doing better in if he would only master the turn, he can go to the next level!

4. Our daily walk ends up at the basketball court. Blee really wanted to join the big boys. I had to close the gate and drag him to the side.

5. It's always fun to roll around the grass.

6. Nightly story time with daddy. They are reading through a big book of fairy tales. (Blee still wears a sleep sack. He calls it a 'jacket')

7. My absolute favorite Cajun restaurant...on wheels! I had to sneak into a business building to get my dose of gumbolaya and shrimp po-boy. Yum!

8. Mc D's soft serve.

9. Poker night with friends. Good times...

10. Thursday's art class project. Buttons + food coloring + Elmer's glue.

11. Turtles sunbathing...right outside Blee's art class.

12. Met up with an old friend and was introduced to snow cream. It's a delicious combination of ice cream and Hawaiian shaved ice. Do you see the little fingers? My son was sold!

Needless to say, we had another fun-filled week!

life rearranged


  1. Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog! Your week looks like it has been fun. That snow cream stuff looks SO good. I'm going to have to investigate our local snow cone stands to see if any of them have it!

  2. Snow cream?!?!? That sounds amazing!!!