Monday, July 9, 2012

misc Monday

Nothing in particular today...just random things that make me smile...

My son loves to clean. Cracks me up, because he sure didn't get it from me! He even makes sure he get behind the door with the Swiffer.

Jimmy likes to say that our son is "at that age". I tell him to stop, since it sounds like an excuse.
The other day, I found our kitchen towels squished in the pot. When I called Blee over to show him what I found, he got a huge smile and on his face and screamed, "uh oh!". Sigh...I guess he's "at that age".

I also found veggies neatly arranged in his potty. Good thing it's never been used!

We got a new range hood. Our old one was grimy, nasty, and inefficient. Our first line of business...BACON! I hated making bacon because it made our house stink, but now, I'm happy to make it anytime...any day! Makes me happy.

Finally went to Blee's art class. The kid is totally serious about painting and Play-doh. Little artist in the making.

4th of July was totally awesome. I think it was the best one in forever. We headed to my friend's place in good 'ole Stanton and hung out at their block party. The night ended with an hour long firework madness on a Jerry-rigged stage. Blee was a little afraid at first, but towards the end, he was pumping his fist yelling "Ready, Go!" and "Yay yay!" 

Have a great week!

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  1. What nice little surprises he leaves you. My kids are older and I find fake plastic spiders on my pillow when I pull the covers down. It never ends....How I love your orange wall!