Thursday, July 12, 2012

san luis obispo, day 1

Last Sunday we headed to San Luis Obispo for a 4 day vacation. Jimmy and I have only been to SLO separately, so this was our first time going there together.

Before we hit the freeway, we stopped by our new favorite breakfast place, the PAN. While waiting for the food, Blee practiced counting to 6 with sugar packets. He was able to count by himself for a day, but has reverted to "one, two, five, six!" I guess we should have stuck to 1, 2, 3 until he had it down solid.

Drinks in mason jars are awesome. I was happy to see that they served their orange juice in a mason jar. Totally cute. And their pineapple pancake was soooo good! That, with a side of fruit was the perfect breakfast.

After a quick stop at the Camarillo Outlet, we reached SLO at about 3pm. Before checking in, we walked around the downtown area.

We came across a cute soda and candy store. I guess it's a chain, but it was our first time there. I used to be the assistant manager at Sweet Factory, so I LOVE looking into candy stores. It was funny to see the girl behind the counter eating a bar of chocolate...I used to have a bag of chocolate covered gummy bears next to the register.

Sodas galore!

Jimmy Blee even scored a totally awesome R2-D2 lunchbox. YAY!

We also made a stop at bubble gum alley. I didn't realize how small the alley was...I wanted to do a whole family photo session in front of it, but it was pretty much impossible, even with my wide angle lens. It was a sad, sad moment.

We ended the night at Bon Temps Creole Cafe, where we had a delish bowl of gumbo, a pan of cornbread, jambalaya, and crawfish etouffee (my fav!)

Check back for Day 2 of our trip!

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