Thursday, July 12, 2012

san luis obispo, day 2

Day 2 of our trip started with a visit to the Hearst Castle. Here's a photo of Blee and Jimmy waiting for the bus.

After a short bus ride to the castle (and after repeatedly shushing our son so people could listen to Alex Trebek give a brief history of the place), we went up the steps to the beautiful home of Mr. Hearst.

We weren't sure if Blee would be able to stay on the walking path without touching/knocking/breaking/kicking/throwing the collection, so we had him in the boba carrier. Needless to say it was the smart thing to do.

Taking a break and wondering what it was like to live here.

We had planned to watch a video of the castle, but as soon as we were told that it was going to be 40 minutes long, we bailed out and headed for lunch in Cambria.

Thanks to Yelp, we found a cute, quiet cafe. (By the way, what did we do before Yelp? Ask the concierge? Plan beforehand? Take a chance and walk into a random restaurant? Craziness)

Once again, before the food came, we practiced counting to 6 and then read through the most recent issue of Highlights magazine (which, by the way, is GREAT for kids his age and older).

I got a black bean burger and Jimmy ordered the duck confit with sweet potato fries. To my surprise, Blee liked the duck more than the bean burger. Both were delish.

Now, I need to say that I can sleep anywhere. I can easily knock out on my friend's couch, in the car, on the church pews (just kidding), combine the nice weather, a full stomach, and a chauffeur, I dozed off while Jimmy drove us to Morro Bay. I woke up to snap this photo, and went right back to my nap.

I woke up awhile later to find myself surrounded by cute beach shops and cafes. 

So of course, we HAD to stop and get an ice cream!

Our next stop was Avila Valley Barn. I saw this place on one of my favorite mommy blogs and since then wanted to go there. The place is so adorable with tons of fresh fruit and veggies as well as homemade jam, scones, and cookies. They also have pony and tracker rides for the little ones. 

For dinner, we drove down the windy road to the Avila Beach pier and ate at a seafood restaurant (again, thanks Yelp!) I ordered the salmon and Jimmy got pork chops.

That's it for our second day of fun! Whew!


  1. Wow .. looks like you guys had a fun day two!! Blee with his scrunchy face .. so cute!!

  2. Such lovely pictures! I will never forget my trip to San Simeon as a kid!