Friday, July 13, 2012

san luis obispo, day 3

The 3rd day of vacay was Jimmy's 31st birthday and started the day at Cal Poly. We figured it's never too early to tour potential colleges for Blee (just kidding...we are definitely NOT those crazy parents). It was orientation week for the incoming freshmen, so it was fun to walk around the campus. Here's Blee hanging out with the school mascot.

I think the highlight of the visit for our son was watching the construction site. Trucks, trucks, and more trucks!

After visiting Cal Poly, we headed to the Children's Museum. The place was a lot smaller than expected, but more than enough for our little guy to run around and explore.

He really enjoyed the kitchen area. I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich.

He went right to work and grabbed a pan, a taco, and a slice of bread.

...and served me this.

The museum had 3 levels. The bottom level was for the older kids, the middle level for lower elementary, and the top level was for toddlers.

Excited to brush the bear's teeth.

They had a cool tape wall thingy right around the corner from the entrance.

After 2 solid hours of running around the museum, we walked across the street to Mama's Meatball for lunch. And what happens after a full stomach? A nap! This was the only day we actually went back to the hotel to take nap.

Following our nap, we drove to Madonna Inn to check out what the hype was all about. After walking around the premise, the restaurant, and the shops, we were pretty overwhelmed with the amount of PINK and BLING everywhere.

We celebrated Jimmy's 31st birthday dinner at a fancy schmancy college eatery, Firestone Grill. They didn't have sugar packets for Blee to practice counting, so instead we rocked out to Ms. Carly Rae Jepsen.

I ordered the half chicken combo and Jimmy had the tri-tip sandwich.

And for his birthday dessert, we went to a cute ice cream sandwich shop.

We shared chewy oatmeal & chocolate chip cookies with Elvis ice cream. (peanut butter, vanilla, banana) Mmmm Mmmmm good!

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

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  1. OMG .. that picture with Blee and the mascot, weren't you guys scared he would jump down? That thing looks so high up!!

    Mmmmm .. that tri-tip sandwich has me so hungry right now .. and it's only 10am!! =( and that ice cream cookie .. ARGH!!