Tuesday, July 17, 2012

yogurt pops

Last week my son decided that he wasn't going to eat yogurt anymore. This did not sit well with me because 1) he has been eating yogurt since 6 months old and it's such an easy, healthy snack, and 2) I just bought a whole pack of kid's Chobani and wasn't about to let it go to waste.

So like any good parent, I decided to trick my child into eating it. I made yogurt pops. Smart, I know.

Step 1 : Round up some yogurt.

Step 2 : Empty the yogurt into a bowl and mix in some fruit (I put blueberries and strawberries). I also added a little bit of honey.

3. Get out your totally awesome ice pop kit/maker. I used the ZOKU, which makes ice pops within minutes.

Step 4 : Force your kid to eat it outside in the freezing cold.

Outside = less clean up.
Freezing cold = summer nights in Torrance. Duh.

1 comment:

  1. That is so creative!! I'll have to remember this if my son ever gets sick of yogurt ... as we have a stockpile of the stuff~