Friday, August 31, 2012

Insta Friday

Busy, busy week! So happy we're off today. Looking forward to a fun and relaxing 4-day weekend. Thanks, LAUSD!

Allow me to dump all my Instagram photos here...

1. Blee's picnic dinner. Rice with fish flakes, eggs, dumplings, cherries, and lettuce. Oh, and those black things on the rice? Well, they are supposed to be seaweed cut-outs of boats. Yea...I know. VERY hard to tell.

2. Chilled at the beach. Notice Blee completely ignored the picnic dinner I prepared for him. He would rather eat spam rolls.

3. Flew a kite for the first time.

4. Me and my boy. He held on for dear life. He's super scared of the water.

5. Photographer in training.

6. Have you played this game? It's super fun. I played against Jimmy and a kiddo from church. I won, of course.

7. Blee went to his 2-year check up. So far, so good.

8. I was tired of taking Blee for a haircut once a month, so I got it super short. Jimmy hates it. I think he looks cute.

9. My co-worker brought her almost-4-month old baby girl to work. Total cutie pie. Those lips!!

10. My classroom is ridiculously hot. 85 degrees + sweaty 6th graders = my life.

11. Last night was Back to School Night. It's always nice to meet my students' parents.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Insta Friday

My week in Instagram photos...

1. Chilled at Barnes and Noble--never knew there was a train table. I could have used it during those hot summer days. 

2. Farmer's Market flowers.

3. Went to the beach for the first time this summer.

4. Tiny footprint.

5. Daddy and his little boy.

6. Our tomatoes and peppers are still going strong.

7. Dinner at Lucille's. Blee had a great time waving at the waitresses.

8. Tried on a new hat for the winter.

9. Went to Sweet Factory for the first time in forever. I used to be the assistant manager at the store in San Diego...exactly 10 years ago!

10. My handsome taste tester. He gave me a big smile of approval for my chicken casserole.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

sunday fun

Last Sunday, we spent the afternoon exploring the city of San Pedro.

First, we parked at the Marina Station and rode the Red Car. Blee was excited to ride the trolley. The fee is usually $1 for the whole day, but for some reason, last Sunday was free. Yay!

*All the photos were taken from my new, totally awesome phone*

After about 20 minutes, we got off the trolley at the Fanfare at San Pedro Gateway to play with the water fountain.

They had a cool Bellagio-knock-off water show every 30 minutes.

We then drove across the street to check out the new CRAFTED marketplace. A lot of the vendors were closed, so we plan to visit again around the holiday time. Jimmy got a beer and a plum pie from Cutie Pie That.

For dinner, we ate at the 22nd Street Landing. I was craving seafood, so it was perfect! I had the lobster bisque and sole stuffed with shrimp and scallops.

Mmmmm...these pictures make me hungry again! Thanks Jimmy and Blee for a fun weekend!

Monday, August 20, 2012

wall art

Jimmy likes to have a bunch of stuff on our walls. It seems like he wants to cover every freaking inch with something. Pictures, artwork, decals, mirrors, shelves…Totally makes me feel overwhelmed.

One place he kept mentioning was the wall by the kitchen table. I thought about putting up framed photos, but it wasn’t very practical since the space between the wall and the table is pretty small. Plus, we walk by it numerous times a day, so it would have been pretty annoying to have to keep dodging the frames.

Then came the perfect solution. Blee’s artwork. Why didn’t I think of this before? During the summer, Blee took art classes through the city and came home with a lot of artwork. My plan was to take a photo of each artwork and create a book, but when I saw Jimmy tape them up to the wall, it actually looked good. Who knew?

Now the kid is super excited about seeing his work on the wall. AND HE BUGS ME EVERY DAY ABOUT MAKING SOMETHING. He pulls my pile of tissue paper from the closet and follows me around the house saying, “(a)nother mom, mommy!” GREAT.

I guess this is all good for boosting his self-esteem. Pretty soon the walls will be covered with his artwork.
At least Jimmy will be happy.
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

before he turns 2...

My little boy is almost 2! How is this possible?

I'm panicking a bit.

I want to make sure I inhale all the cuteness before he gets any bigger.

I got some recorded. Finally.

Counting. "One, two, five, six, eleven, thirteen, Ready Go!"

Swim practice.

Attempting to get Blee to talk. Pretty much impossible because all he wants to do is look at himself on the screen!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Instagram Friday

The last 2 weeks flew by. I am so ready for the weekend!

My random Instagram photos..

Blee found a new toy.

He found another one.

Jimmy and I squeezed in a movie date. First time in over a year.

Tank tops and fro-yo to beat the heat.

Playing in the water fountain also helped beat the heat.

Blee's first "fish" cookie from the Torrance Bakery.

The boys wanted seconds.

First day of work and my co-worker and I were counting down for lunch.

WT BRITO = wet burrito

Played with the camera on my new phone.

Waited for a friend to join us for dinner.

That's it for now! Told you it was random!

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