Friday, August 10, 2012

10 on 10 : August

10 photos at the top of the hour (kinda), on the 10th of the month.


6am : Packing Jimmy's lunch and being an awesome wife.

7am : wiping Blee's dirty feet after watering the tomatoes. We also counted his toes together. It went like this, "one, two, five, six, eleven, thirteen, five!"

8am : Attempting to make frozen yogurt-covered-blueberries for my little man.

9am : @ Target to get supplies for the new school year (and making sure my son knows how to raise his hand before speaking!)

10am : Blee refused to eat the yogurt covered blueberries...gave in to frozen kefir. Grrrrr...

11am : nap time!

noon : Being an awesome wife (again) and unpinning Jimmy's new shirts so he could try them on when he comes home.

1pm : new nails for the new school year!

2pm : Little Stinker's up!

3pm : Feeding the ducks/fishies/turtles at Wilderness Park.

4pm : Photographing beautiful sisters.

The rest of the day consisted a nice, peaceful dinner date at Versailles with my little man, followed by an hour of outdoor fun with chalk. We also did an art project with tissue paper and lots and lots of glue.

Looking forward to a fun, busy weekend!

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  1. Amazing set! I love the photo you captured of your little one eating the frozen kefir popsicle(?). It's so cute. :)