Friday, August 31, 2012

Insta Friday

Busy, busy week! So happy we're off today. Looking forward to a fun and relaxing 4-day weekend. Thanks, LAUSD!

Allow me to dump all my Instagram photos here...

1. Blee's picnic dinner. Rice with fish flakes, eggs, dumplings, cherries, and lettuce. Oh, and those black things on the rice? Well, they are supposed to be seaweed cut-outs of boats. Yea...I know. VERY hard to tell.

2. Chilled at the beach. Notice Blee completely ignored the picnic dinner I prepared for him. He would rather eat spam rolls.

3. Flew a kite for the first time.

4. Me and my boy. He held on for dear life. He's super scared of the water.

5. Photographer in training.

6. Have you played this game? It's super fun. I played against Jimmy and a kiddo from church. I won, of course.

7. Blee went to his 2-year check up. So far, so good.

8. I was tired of taking Blee for a haircut once a month, so I got it super short. Jimmy hates it. I think he looks cute.

9. My co-worker brought her almost-4-month old baby girl to work. Total cutie pie. Those lips!!

10. My classroom is ridiculously hot. 85 degrees + sweaty 6th graders = my life.

11. Last night was Back to School Night. It's always nice to meet my students' parents.

life rearranged

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