Thursday, August 9, 2012

my fav : kiddie bath bombs

My dear cousin from Japan sent me bath bombs for my son...and he is in LOVE with them. He calls it the "tamago" (egg).

The difference between this one and ones you see at LUSH, or any other bath stores is that there's a little figurine inside (I'm assuming the characters on the package is something equivalent to the Power Rangers here).

You just drop the baby in the tub and watch it fizzle.

See the little figurine?

I have no clue who this little gold-weird-looking-robot-thing is. My son loves him, so I guess that's all it matters.

I looked on to see if we can get any of these here in the US, and it looks like you can get Hello Kitty versions. I think it's a great treat and it makes bath time super fun. It also smells sooooo good!

Thanks for checking in!

Silly Happy Sweet

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