Wednesday, August 8, 2012

summer playdates

With less than a week left of summer I'm feeling the pressure to enjoy every minute with Blee. This year, I am going back to my teaching gig a month earlier than usual. Los Angeles USD decided to change the school calendar and I have mixed feelings about it. I suppose it doesn't really affect me now, since Blee isn't in school yet, but once Blee starts school, our schedules will be off. This means that our time together during the summer will be cut by a month, unless Torrance USD decides to jump on the bandwagon. ONE WHOLE MONTH. That's a lot of time.

I guess I'll worry and complain about it when the time comes. Until then, I'm going to make the best of it.

I'm not very good with scheduling play dates, but I was able to squeeze a couple this week.

Playdate with J at Wilderness Park:

*images edited with Totally Rad Actions*

Playdate with E at our house. 2 little boys running around with their undies!

That's it for now! 4 more days of summer!

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