Monday, August 20, 2012

wall art

Jimmy likes to have a bunch of stuff on our walls. It seems like he wants to cover every freaking inch with something. Pictures, artwork, decals, mirrors, shelves…Totally makes me feel overwhelmed.

One place he kept mentioning was the wall by the kitchen table. I thought about putting up framed photos, but it wasn’t very practical since the space between the wall and the table is pretty small. Plus, we walk by it numerous times a day, so it would have been pretty annoying to have to keep dodging the frames.

Then came the perfect solution. Blee’s artwork. Why didn’t I think of this before? During the summer, Blee took art classes through the city and came home with a lot of artwork. My plan was to take a photo of each artwork and create a book, but when I saw Jimmy tape them up to the wall, it actually looked good. Who knew?

Now the kid is super excited about seeing his work on the wall. AND HE BUGS ME EVERY DAY ABOUT MAKING SOMETHING. He pulls my pile of tissue paper from the closet and follows me around the house saying, “(a)nother mom, mommy!” GREAT.

I guess this is all good for boosting his self-esteem. Pretty soon the walls will be covered with his artwork.
At least Jimmy will be happy.
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  1. I love that picture of him standing on the chair. He did a pretty awesome job! So cute!