Monday, September 24, 2012

fall photos

Our pastor greeted us this morning with "Happy Autumn"! And you know I sat there thinking, that's just crazy talk. I mean, just last week, I entered my classroom and saw that it was 86 degrees. 86 DEGREES.


Well, for those of you who are interested in shots that look seasonal, here are some fall photo ideas and tips.

1. Playing in pretty leaves. I know what you’re thinking. What leaves? The green ones on the trees? Weeellll, in the last several years, I’ve found 2 places in the South Bay with gorgeous leaves. The first one is on Del Amo Blvd between Hawthorne Blvd and Prairie. The leaves change color and if you’re lucky, you get piles and piles of golden leaves for your child to play in (and for you to take pictures).

*disclaimer – Del Amo Blvd is a pretty busy street. Please be careful of little kiddies running into the street*

The second place is next to the Malaga Cove library in Palos Verdes.

See?! Believe it or not, there are some decent places in the South Bay!

2. Take Halloween photos BEFORE Halloween. This way, you’re not rushed and stressed because your kids are about to bounce out of the house to get their yearly dose of sugar. Plus, if you’re like me, you never know what’s going to happen. Last year, I was taken to the hospital from work by an ambulance with acute pancreatitis and missed Halloween all together. Good thing I took photos of my son beforehand.

*Look for a cute backdrop to match the costume. Maybe a park for ladybugs or puppies, or a cool downtown building for a superhero*

3. Family photos are an important part of growing together as a family. Fall is the perfect time to schedule a session with your favorite photographer, or hire (bribe) your friend to come over to shoot some images. These images can then be made into holiday cards and doing it in the fall will give you enough time to address and stuff the envelopes. One of my former clients used to book me in the summer and had all the cards ready to go by the end of August. Extreme, yes. But that’s one less thing she had to worry about.

Happy shooting!

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