Friday, September 14, 2012

Insta Friday

Lots and lots of exciting things this week!

1. Rice Krispies with sprinkles for the church picnic.

2. Puzzles in the tent with the stuffed animals.

3. We got a new mattress!

4. Our new favorite sandwich shop. Cranberry + turkey + stuffing in September.

5. Another successful swim class. Blee can now dive, flip, and float all by himself!

6. Went to the Lucky Diaz concert at the South Coast Botanic Garden. LOVED every second of it.

7. Got my 2012-2013 ID! Here comes teacher discounts!


8. Ahhh..magazines. Makes me happy.

9. My helper.

10. Food trucking for the first time in forever. Way too many choices!

Happy weekend!
life rearranged


  1. Food trucks!! Yum! What did you choose?

  2. We went to Auntie's Fry Bread and got dessert. I want to try the lobster corndog next.