Thursday, September 27, 2012

Instagram Friday

So glad it's FRIDAY!!!!!

My week in Instagram photos...

1. Made fun pancakes. My son ate "C" before I was able to grab my phone.

2. Spent time with my friends BBQ-ing and chillin in their pool. Good times...

3. Little kiddies were told to put rocks in a beer bottle. Kept them busy for awhile. Hey, whatever works.

4. Had my first Jamba Juice of the year. WTH

5. We were off work on Wednesday (thanks, LAUSD!) and drove over to the Cerritos Library for OUR family photo session.

6. The library has an aquarium. How cool is that?


7. Adorable.

8. Stopped by Downtown Disney for dinner.

9. Little boy waiting for dinner at Rascals. Or as Jimmy's grandma would say, Little Rascals.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. That library looks amazing!! Glad you had a fun day off. And ABC pancakes look like so much fun!