Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day weekend : Legoland

We spent Fri-Sun of Labor Day weekend in good 'ole San Diego. This was Blee's 3rd trip to SD, so we were expecting a fun-filled weekend with great food, awesome weather, and a happy kid. We were going to soak up everything San Diego had to offer.

Boy, were we wrong.

On Friday, we headed straight to Legoland. My PTSA gave us a buy-one-get-one-free ticket to the park, so we found an excuse to squeeze it in during our trip. I had looked up all the rides that Blee would be able to go on (34 inches minimum) and it was supposed to be a great day.

Looking back, I knew something was wrong with Blee after our first ride. Fingers in mouth = getting tired. He was also super quiet, which is unusual for him.

But, as any good parents, we happily forced him to go on rides.

...and take a picture with Lego R2-D2.

After about 2 hours, Blee's body felt hot. But, we weren't really sure if he was hot because of the obnoxiously hot weather, or if he was sick.

So, we happily walked him over to the water play area to cool down.

We were probably at the water area for 45 minutes. And Blee spent 10 minutes of that standing perfectly still and letting the water hit his legs. Again, unusual.

So, what did we do? Get lunch. I figured, after all, noone's happy without food.

Now this is when we FINALLY realized something was wrong. The kid refused to eat bread. Whhhhaaat!? No bread? No water? And then came the unthinkable. He wanted to get in his stroller to nap. This is when I thought, Oh crap, my son is sick.

He slept in the stroller for about 30 minutes. Despite the fancy stroller shade, the bright sun woke him up as soon as we went outside.

He seemed to be interested in the rides, so we quickly got in line to make the most of the day. We obviously don't know what to do with a sick kid.

The final straw (as if our son didn't give us enough clues) was at the gift shop. Blee threw up all over himself and started sobbing. YIKES! We cleaned him up in the family bathroom and rushed to our car.

As soon as we got in the car, I told Jimmy I thought Blee would fall asleep in 5 minutes.

He fell asleep in 2. He was so tired and sick. Poor guy.


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