Sunday, September 9, 2012

pre-school orientation

While most moms are sad that their little bundle of joy is old enough to go to school, I was more than happy to take my child to pre-school orientation. I am happy to give my mom a break from watching him everyday, and and excited that he is going to a Japanese pre-school. Whooo hoo! Now he'll hear Japanese from people other than my mom, and hopefully be able to speak fluently.

Me, Blee, and my mom.

With daddy.

I was surprised at how well Blee did when his class was called. He went up on the stage and was happy as a clam.

See! My happy child. (He's also rocking his new super neon, super Japanese-looking Native shoes).

I have no clue what the photography policy is at the pre-school, so I maple-leafed the other kids. Better to be safe than sorry. I'm not about to upset any parents before school even starts!

School will officially start next Thursday, when he turns 2. Praying for a fun year with lots of new friends!