Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween 2012

I’m not a big Halloween person. I never was. As a kid I cared so little about Halloween that I think I was a ninja 3 years in a row. A red ninja. My brother was a black ninja. The costume was homemade by my mom and I think we even carried the same sword 3 years in a row. Kinda sad, eh?

In 2010, Blee was only a month old, so I didn’t even bother with getting him a costume…but my friends and family did! Jimmy’s aunt gave us a cute pea costume, our neighbor loaned us a peacock bunt, and my co-worker gave us a pumpkin outfit.

Last year, I was determined to find something cute, original, and cheap. So, as with everything these days, I turned to Pinterest. I saw several that I liked, but was not convinced…until I came across this…

This year, Blee is a firefighter. He was initially going to be a piece of toast, because that’s what he likes. Toast with butter or syrup. Don’t ask. We quickly moved on to a trash truck driver. He likes them too. He chases the trash trucks with my mom around the block and is totally fascinated with them. I went online to look for a jumpsuit and wanted to get the Torrance City Waste Management embroidered around the arm portion. But then, it was impossible to find an appropriate jumpsuit for a 2 year old.

So, we turned to Target. Target is awesome. We found the cutest firefighter suit for our little boy. Blee loves fire trucks as much as trash trucks. Can you tell?

I love this kid.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting all my camera settings and will be sharing the reasoning behind the 2 lenses I chose for this shoot. (And why we took these photos at 7:00 AM!)

Happy Halloween!