Friday, November 23, 2012

church retreat

Last weekend, we drove up to Loch Leven for our annual church retreat.

Together we worshipped,

hung out with friends,

enjoyed the crisp weather,

painted bird houses,

spent time with our church family,

and played in nature!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

happy thanksgiving!

So much to be thankful this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, and this is my new favorite song

If God can love turkeys
God can love you
You are a turkey
but I am one too
So if you're lonely (waaaaaaaoooooooooooooooo!)
or if you're blue
just remember friends
If God can love turkeys
God can love you!

Monday, November 19, 2012


We took the boy to his very first Disneyland visit.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

instagram Friday

It's Friday before my 9 days vacay! Whoo hoo!! Makes me SO happy.

Here's  my week-before-vacation Instagram photos.

1. Little boy got a hand-me-down army helmet.

2. My church hosted our annual holiday boutique. I LOVED every second I was there.

3. The same little boy got sick over the weekend. It was so sad to see him in pain.

4. Attended our second wedding of the month. Beautiful couple, beautiful venue.

5. Paul Frank Santa jacket, Baby Doll shorts from Japan, and furry Crocs. Who dressed this kid?

6. All my friends are dead. Excellent (non)childrens' book.
Happy Friday!

life rearranged

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

food fun

You see this super cute, super fat face? It doesn't take much to see this on my son. All it took was a banana, mini Nilla wafers, and sprinkles.

I can also get smiles out of these things...a slice of apple, grapes, and toothpicks.


Super easy snacks, super happy kid.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

it's christmas card time!

It’s that time of year. It’s time to search for the cutest, most perfect Christmas card for my family. This year, I’m determined to find the one that fits us, the one that fits our personality and our style.

Last year, we painted our nasty, termite-infested gate and bravely took a photo in front of it. This was an impromptu decision, but I think it came out rather nice. We took this during Thanksgiving break, and my lazy self didn’t have the energy to search the Internet for a Christmas card template. The cards were sent to our family and friends just like this. No cute embellishments.
Well, this year I’m starting early. I searched all over etsy and my favorite online photo labs. Here are some of my finds.




Oh decisions, decisions!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Instagram Friday

Haven't done this in's my week in Instagram photos.
1. Bought donuts for my students since they were super good!
2. Saw this in Santa Barbara. Have you seen Chairman? (I don't know if this is a joke, or this is fo 'reals). Either way, Jimmy and I had a good laugh.

3. Attended one of the most beautiful, casual, fun weddings EVER.

4. My favorite face.

5. My son loves to dip, even if it's super spicy.

6. Helping mommy with the groceries. Creating more work for mommy. New rule = tiny shopper only when daddy is around.

7. Made chicken tortilla soup. Delish.

8. First car wash in over a year. 2 days before the rain. Awesome.

9. Started reading Japanese fables and fairytales to Blee. I think I'm enjoying it more than he is.

10. Twice this week.

11. Pretend BBQed. Hours of fun.

That's it! I'm looking forward to the 3-day weekend!
life rearranged