Thursday, October 3, 2013

sticker char"p"

Last month Jimmy made a sticker chart for Blee. It's basically a caught-being-good chart - he gets a sticker when he's nice or does things before being told (cleans, says thank you, apologizes). So far, it's been working pretty well.

He filled the first four sheets and now Jimmy created new ones with 10 boxes instead of 6. Jimmy also changed the character on the chart to Max from the book, Where the Wild Things Are. This is our way of brainwashing our son in hopes that he would want to be Max for Halloween instead of Captain America ninja...whatever that is.

Once the chart is full, Blee gets to pick a prize from the treasure box. The treasure box contains stuff that we picked out from the dollar store, our trip to Japan, etc. The funny thing is that we keep putting stuff that HE HAS ALREADY PLAYED WITH.

See the squirt gun and the pair of scissors? He played with those many times, but they made their way back in the treasure box. Such a funny thing...Blee still gets so excited to get those toys again.

I was first a bit apprehensive about implementing the sticker chart. You know, he should want to be nice because it's the right thing to do and should be a natural thing...not because he gets a sticker. But then, my behavior-minded husband reminded me that it would become a natural thing more easily if we faded reinforcement as Blee started doing nice things more regularly.

We hope to keep increasing the amount of stickers he needs to get a prize. Next one will have 15 boxes, and the one after that will have 20.

With that said, it's hard to resist giving in to him...cause really, how do you say "no" to this face? Especially when he insists that he's "Superman with a bug" instead of Spiderman. Oh, my son...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band

If I ask my son who his favorite musician is, without a doubt, he would scream "LUCKY DIAZ!" Then, he would probably start dancing to the song Lemonade Stand, and then proceed to run around the house while singing Thingamajig. He would then take his stance and start pointing in all directions while belting out the lyrics to Lines and Dots, as if he's Elvis Presley rocking out during a concert. Then, he would ask to turn up the sound to Duck Ellington and make the ugliest faces while laughing hysterically.

You know, these songs do that to you. Make you want to sing aloud and start a dance party in the kitchen.

So, you better believe it when I say that we are so freaking excited that their newest CD, Lishy Lou and Lucky Too came out...TODAY!

Wooo hoo!!

You can watch their newest music video, Thingamajig here!

Thank you, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band! Because of you, we have a lot of dance parties in our home.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


The other day I was looking back at my September picture folder and thought, wow, did this really happen this month? I can’t believe my son started preschool this month…it seems like he’s been going for months! And his birthday party? Can’t believe that was just 2 weeks ago. So much has happened this month, and with my work at school in full swing, I can’t seem to keep track of anything.

Thank the Lord for Google calendar and photos to prove what and when things happened!
So…preschool. Preschool started the first week of September. Same school – just new teachers and new classmates.

He has adjusted pretty well and has found new friends to hang out with. Now all I need to do is to pick him up on time and somehow muster up the courage to talk to the parents to start scheduling playdates! (both things which I am horrible at)

The weather has been so nice this month. We have been enjoying playing in the yard and even had dinner outside on the back porch!

Blee’s 3rd birthday was packed with people we love. It was all around a fun, relaxing day with a jumper, Lego Duplo table, coloring table, and lots of food.


Soccer is going well. Blee is the oldest of the bunch, so I think he likes to show off his skillz…

We were also able to celebrate our little friend's 1st birthday party. They had the cutest camping theme with tents, boats and pinwheels. 

Whew! Now I'm off to searching the internet for a Captain America-ninja costume for my son. Wish me luck!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Happy Birthday to my little, silly, stinky boy! I'm so excited for you to become the BIG three, and I am looking forward to watching you grow into a handsome, loving little boy.

And since I can't quite put into words what I am feeling right now, I'm going to borrow the words from one of my favorite books.

I am your parent, you are my child
I am your quiet place, you are my wild
I am your calm face, you are my giggle
I am your wait, you are my wiggle
I am your audience, you are my clown
I am your London Bridge, you are my falling down
I am your Carrot Sticks, you are my licorice
I am your dandelion, you are my first wish
I am your water wings, you are my deep
I am your open arms, you are my running leap
I am your way home, you are my new path
I am your dry towel, you are my wet bath
I am your dinner, you are my chocolate cake
I am your bedtime, you are my wide awake
I am your finish line, you are my race
I am your praying hands, you are my saving grace
I am your favourite book, you are my new lines
I am your nightlight, you are my sunshine
I am your lullaby, you are my peek-a-boo
I am your kiss goodnight, you are my I love you

- "You Are My I Love You" by MaryAnn Cusimano Love

Happy 3rd birthday, son.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

starting a new season

Work has officially started, and despite the hot, beautiful days, I need to face the fact that summer is over. I had a great summer though...summer 2013 was full of new adventures, friends, and lots and lots of fun.

I'm ready to start the new season--the season of learning, of pumpkins and spices, and a birthday for a special little boy. I hope Fall 2013 is as good as this summer.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

365 days of June

Now back to our regular programming...

Our June in Instagram photos...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tokyo Disneyland

Our day at Tokyo Disneyland.
World Bazaar, aka Main street.

Disneyland was celebrating the Japanese festival of Tanabata. I joined in and added my wish on the tanzaku (small piece of paper) and hung it on the bamboo.

FOOD. Lots and lots of food.

Mickey mouse tapioca drink. Each tapioca was in the shape of a mickey!