Monday, January 21, 2013

weekend fun

This weekend was spent...

celebrating in the bounce house,

 enjoying the beautiful weather with friends on the USS IOWA,

eating a President Obama cookie at the Aquarium of the Pacific,

feeding nectar to lorikeets,

admiring the penguins,

...and braving the touch tank for the first time!

Friday, January 18, 2013

insta friday

Dumping my instagram photos from the last 3 weeks =)

1. Dinner with great-grandma. Miso soup is one of his favs.

2. Matchy-matchy with one of his favorite people in the world.

3. Playdate with his friend from pre-school at In-n-Out.

4. It's clobberin' time!

5. Happy to start his day at pre-school.

6. Trip to the library in search of some Curious George books.

7. Cooking waffles for mommy and daddy.

8. Early morning bath before heading to church.

9. Playing in the tent and slowly perfecting his "peace" sign.

10. Daddy made a crazy set of train tracks using Duplo. 

11. My new addiction, thanks to Trader Joes's.

12. Back to swim practice after 4 weeks off.

13. Requesting Jesus stories in bed.

14. Perfect shopping buddy.

15. My best receipt ever! Extreme couponing, here I come!

That's it for now...yay for a fun-filled 3-day weekend with gorgeous weather!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

things Blee says...

Scene 1:
Blee : “Wat is that!?” (siren outside our house)
Me : “I think it’s the police car”
Blee : “Oh…gotcha!”

Gotcha? Who says “gotcha” anymore?

Scene 2
Me (to Jimmy) : “Wait for me! I’m almost ready!”
Jimmy starts to put his shoes on.
Blee : “Daddy! Wait! Mommy said so!”


Jimmy (to Blee) : “Don’t touch anything in the store.”
Blee : “Mommy? No touching. Daddy said so.”

I wonder if we say “I said so” a lot. Oops.

Scene 3:
Waiting for my mom in the morning…
Me : “Do you think baba-chan (grandma) is going to bring pancakes today?”
Blee : “Yes! Well…probably”

Probably?! How old is this kid?

Scene 4:
Me : "What color is this?" (pointing to a pink Lego block)
Blee : "!"

Me : "Nope."
Blee : "Yes it is!"


I know many people who complain about being a teacher (I’m guilty at times), but I think it’s one of the best jobs EVER. Not only do you have the opportunity to interact with students, you also get to teach, listen, help, empower, and discipline. It’s kinda like being a mom. 

One of the many perks about being a teacher is the free admission you get to various places. In 2011, Sea World had free admission for teachers. The Aquarium of Pacific usually has a day or two of teacher appreciation days, and 2012 kicked off free weekends at Legoland.

Legoland. One of the most perfect places for my little boy. And my big boy. Oh, the blocks! The cars! The water! The stores! The boats! The Star Wars Miniland

Needless to say we took advantage of the free admission and had an awesome day.

 First time on a ride by himself. Can you sense his slight fear? Don't leave me mommy!! Why aren't you sitting next to me daddy!?

I think this is one of my favorite photos with my son. Those girls next to us flashed their Lego driver's license and cruised on by.

After the rides, we had Apple fries for a snack. Pretty yummy stuff.


We ended the day walking around Lego Miniland. Jimmy gave Blee our old shock-proof / water-proof camera. Now he think he's a photographer.

Trying to get the right angle. I taught him well.

This is what he took. It's part of an upcoming series titled Finger over lens. Stay tuned. 

Until next time!


Monday, January 7, 2013

dream dinner

I heard about Dream Dinners from a church friend awhile ago, and since then, I have been furiously searching for someone to go try it out with me. Well, it's been over a year, and I finally had the chance to check it out.

Dream Dinners is basically a place where you go to "assemble" your meals. You choose and order your meals ahead of time through their website. Then, you show up to mix all the ingredients, and prepare the meals so that all you need to do when you get home is to put it in the oven/grill it/heat it up/etc. In other words, Dream Dinners is an amazing place where you create multiple meals in a short amount of time. It saves me the time of grocery shopping, and that's a great thing, since I usually come home from the store with a bunch of things that were NOT on my list.

My friend and I went in December and I LOVED IT. It was super easy, super clean, super fun, and the employees there were super friendly. All in all, it was...super.

I tried out the intro offer (18 servings) and Jimmy and Blee loved every single one of them. It's actually not that surprising since Jimmy will literally eat ANYTHING and Blee just likes to copy him, but hey, all the meals were eaten and our tummies were all full and happy.
Here are some of the meals...

*boneless pork chops and arezzo mashed potatoes*

*smokey salmon and penne pasta*

*cheddar filled mini meatloaf with potato pancakes*

For each meal, the prep time at home was less than 30 minutes, which is GREAT since that means I have more time to play with Blee and get things done.

I'll be going back for sure!

family album...for 2011

I wrote this post last September about how I was determined to create a family album by the end of the year. Well, today is January 7th, and I'm proud to say...


I was technically done on December 26th, but I waited for to send me a coupon since I knew it was going to be pretty pricey. The album is 12x12in and has 111 pages with a beautiful flush mount cover and nice, thick pages. There is also an option to download the PDF file of the album for a small fee.

All in all, we are very happy with the album. Their software (BookSmart) was easy to use and the quality of the images is amazing. I'm planning to do one every year and also create a 7x7 mini book of all my Instagram images.