Saturday, January 12, 2013


I know many people who complain about being a teacher (I’m guilty at times), but I think it’s one of the best jobs EVER. Not only do you have the opportunity to interact with students, you also get to teach, listen, help, empower, and discipline. It’s kinda like being a mom. 

One of the many perks about being a teacher is the free admission you get to various places. In 2011, Sea World had free admission for teachers. The Aquarium of Pacific usually has a day or two of teacher appreciation days, and 2012 kicked off free weekends at Legoland.

Legoland. One of the most perfect places for my little boy. And my big boy. Oh, the blocks! The cars! The water! The stores! The boats! The Star Wars Miniland

Needless to say we took advantage of the free admission and had an awesome day.

 First time on a ride by himself. Can you sense his slight fear? Don't leave me mommy!! Why aren't you sitting next to me daddy!?

I think this is one of my favorite photos with my son. Those girls next to us flashed their Lego driver's license and cruised on by.

After the rides, we had Apple fries for a snack. Pretty yummy stuff.


We ended the day walking around Lego Miniland. Jimmy gave Blee our old shock-proof / water-proof camera. Now he think he's a photographer.

Trying to get the right angle. I taught him well.

This is what he took. It's part of an upcoming series titled Finger over lens. Stay tuned. 

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  1. Aw how fun! I've never been to Legoland. Maybe because I don't have a little one, but it looks like a blast! Adorable pics :)

    Thanks for linking up!