Saturday, January 12, 2013

things Blee says...

Scene 1:
Blee : “Wat is that!?” (siren outside our house)
Me : “I think it’s the police car”
Blee : “Oh…gotcha!”

Gotcha? Who says “gotcha” anymore?

Scene 2
Me (to Jimmy) : “Wait for me! I’m almost ready!”
Jimmy starts to put his shoes on.
Blee : “Daddy! Wait! Mommy said so!”


Jimmy (to Blee) : “Don’t touch anything in the store.”
Blee : “Mommy? No touching. Daddy said so.”

I wonder if we say “I said so” a lot. Oops.

Scene 3:
Waiting for my mom in the morning…
Me : “Do you think baba-chan (grandma) is going to bring pancakes today?”
Blee : “Yes! Well…probably”

Probably?! How old is this kid?

Scene 4:
Me : "What color is this?" (pointing to a pink Lego block)
Blee : "!"

Me : "Nope."
Blee : "Yes it is!"

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