Monday, February 25, 2013

#365 days...

In January I started a 365 day project. I take one photo, everyday of my son. I try not to pose him, but I find it pretty much impossible to photograph a 2 year old on your crappy non-SLR camera (aka smart phone). So, some of these are posed, and some are pure action, in-the-moment images.

I plan to get an album printed at the end of the year...I'm not sure if Blee will even care or appreciate these, but I know that I'll look back and remember the time when he brought me the "Jesus book" to read on "daddy's bed" or when he insisted on carrying the Victoria's Secret bag on our walk. Oh, and the time when he got a boo-boo on his finger and made my mom cut the Band Aid in half. 

Oh my little Blee...

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