Sunday, February 3, 2013

juicing awesomeness

I blogged awhile back about my totally awesome juicer. Well, I’m proud to say that the juicer is getting worked these days. I finally found the right balance of fruit and veggies to get my 2-year old to willingly gulp down a huge glass. Here it is:

2 – carrots
1/2 – celery stalk (with leaves)
3 – small apples
1 – pineapple core
1/4 – radish

Juice mustache, instead of a milk mustache!
I even went further and used the leftover pulp to make muffins. These muffins are packed with fiber and nutrients, and makes to me happy to watch my family chow down. I got the recipe from here.
I like it that the recipe calls for honey instead of sugar and uses whole wheat flour. I made 24 delicious muffins and froze half of them to eat later.

Now all I need is to replace my meals with juice so I can lose some weight.

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