Sunday, February 3, 2013

pick your plum

Have you heard of Pick your Plum? It’s one of those daily deals website that posts one deal per day, until they sell out. I was introduced to Pick Your Plum by Miss Hannah, and I just might be addicted to it. You see, Pick Your Plum sells super cute, super crafty, super cheap items that you never knew you needed. The site is the gateway, the answer to your I-secretly-want-to-be-Martha-Stewart prayers.

Here are some screenshots of the recent deals.

Never mind what I’m going to do with these items. It makes me happy just to know that I have them…just in case I need a little something to package my homemade (err...Pillsbury) cookies, or that special gift.

I got my first package today...aren’t they adorable? If you ever get a card from me, it’ll be sealed with one of these sweet washi tapes! 

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