Saturday, March 30, 2013

pioneer town

Pioneer town. We came across this amazingly interesting place awhile back when Jimmy and his cousin were looking for the perfect location to see the Perseid meteor shower. This cute little town located in Yucca Valley started off as an Old Western movie set. They still have a part of the set intact, so we decided, what better way to spend our Sping Break than with a mini-photo session?

I've been slacking off on taking updated photos of Blee, so this was PERFECT! And we timed our arrival just in time for the golden hour. Sweet little boy in front of a sweet backdrop, surrounded by sweet lighting.



Sunday, March 17, 2013

st. patrick's day

I had high hopes for St. Patrick's Day. On Friday, I used a die cut to make tons of rainbow shamrocks and strung them together with thread and needle. I wanted so badly for my son to wake up and see the pretty shamrocks hanging by the door.

But, like they say, sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men go astray. My son woke up at 2am to use the potty, and then had a difficult time going back to sleep. He was coughing a lot, and after awhile, came crawling into our bed (and all this time, he didn't notice the shamrocks).

He finally woke up around 7am, and the first thing he asked was, how is it staying up there? He then noticed the blue tape, and was completely uninterested after that. Urg.

After I got over my initial why am I even doing this mood, I showed him a shamrock with clues for a scavenger hunt.

His first clue was to look inside his pillowcase.

Daddy, what does it say?

I found another one by the kitchen towels!

The last shamrock lead him to his Thomas trains, where he found a bag of goodies.


This is what he found...bathtub crayons and gold "Dos Peso" coins. Lol.

I got the adorable printables here.

After the scavenger hunt, Jimmy and Blee made rainbow pancakes together.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


You know what’s better than Legoland with your family? Legoland with friends AND family! Last Saturday, we met up with one of our favorite little girls and had a blast.

...and since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are some images from the day...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#365 days...of February

Oh blog has seen better days. How is it already March? As much as I don't miss February, I am completely suprised at how quickly March came. It's like it snuck up on me, and BAM! it's here.

February was an interesting month, packed with playdates, birthday parties, trips to the library, and lots and lots of eating.

Here's a glimpse of Blee's February, taken from my Instagram feed.

I'm praying that March would be a good month for us. There's Easter, Spring Break (whooo hooo!), more playdates, and more eating!