Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Over a year ago, Jimmy gave me a blank calendar and wanted me to draw pictures of events and schedules for our son. Blee had just started to understand the concept of today and tomorrow, so we thought a calendar would help him organize the days. At that time I thought, when does he think I have the time to do this? I actually looked for stickers to put on the calendar instead of me having to draw, but it was pretty much impossible to find EXACTLY what I wanted (church, swim practice, school, art class, etc).

Now, a year later, I finally got off my lazy butt and filled the calendar in with our weekly schedules.

My plan was to review the calendar every morning and every night, but we've been slacking off. I strongly believe in having consistency, so I really hope to start incorporating this into our everyday routine.

Oh, and we got the adorable free calendar printable here. The frame is from IKEA.

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