Sunday, April 7, 2013

dino museum

We have driven by the enormous, completely out-of-place dinosaurs next to the freeway many times on our way to Palm Springs. And I always thought, one day, I’ll go check it out.

Last week, we finally had the chance to visit Mr. Rex's Dino Adventure.

The animatronic dinosaurs were entertaining, to say the very least.  Jimmy and Blee had a great time tripping the motion sensors. They jumped up and down, and waved their hands to see if they were able to get the dinosaurs to move.

Right outside the museum was a “dinosaur dig”. A video instructed us to dig for a rock with a name of a dinosaur. Cute concept, even though Blee was done in less than 30 seconds.

Across from the dino dig was the sluice. A stream of water ran down into a section with dirt and rocks. The video also instructed us to grab a bag, so we were able to put our rocks inside as a keepsake. Jimmy and I tried hard to get Blee to pick the pretty pink and blue ones, but he opted out for the boring, gray and brown rocks. Arg.

We then found ourselves on a dirt path where various dinosaurs were looking down upon us. Kinda scary, kinda weird, and kinda funny.

My son, of course, ran right by the dinos and headed for the BIG ONE. Mr. T-Rex himself.We climbed up the narrow, steep steps and found ourselves inside T-Rex’s mouth. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

On our way back, Blee traded his rock from the dino dig for a piece of awesome, cheap, plastic.

Thanks for a fun time!

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  1. what a perfect adventure! so sweet.

    elijah would freak out from excitement over this. putting it on our "must see" list! xo