Sunday, April 21, 2013

earth day 2013

If you know Jimmy, you know that he's big on recycling. Like, super big. As in, wash and recycle those tiny salsa containers from El Pollo Loco and bring home empty soda cans and even his daily yogurt container if there isn't a recycling bin in sight. So naturally, Blee has developed a love and commitment for recycling, which I think is great. It brings a smile to me when he's able to identify which items to recycle and it especially makes me happy when he is able to reuse items around the house to play with. Teach them young to love and protect our planet!

This year for Earth Day, we made a fun, special treat for the little guy…complete with worms, dirt, and gooey mud. Pure awesomeness!

We also made a bunch of bird seed feeders...or so we thought we did. I found a super easy tutorial awhile back and have been wanting to try it. I thought, there is no way I could mess this up. Melt gelatin. Pour bird seeds. Mold. Easy peasy. Right?

Here's where I went wrong.
1. I didn't wait for Jimmy to come home.
2. Which means I was too lazy to measure out the gelatin.
3. Which means the whole thing came out to be way too watery.
4. Which means the darn project FAILED.
I almost threw out the whole thing, but then reminded myself that this was our Earth Day project for the year. It would be way too ironic if I threw them out.
*My pathetic attempt to forcefully mold the bird seeds into dinos and stars*

Now I have a bag full of semi-gelatinous bird seeds. Lovely.

Hope next year goes better...

The End

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