Tuesday, April 9, 2013

finger sucking

I used to suck on my fingers till I was 4. According to my mom, I stopped when my dentist told me that my mouth was going to become pointy like a rabbit’s mouth.  I won’t tell you how long Jimmy used to suck on his fingers, but I can pretty much say that my son is screwed.

His doctor told us to dip is fingers in vinegar. And guess what? He liked it. He asked for more.

We’ve tried the pacifiers. To be accurate, we tried 5 different pacifiers. He doesn’t like it.

What to do?

1 comment:

  1. he is SO cute.
    also, my brother and sister were both major finger suckers. (jack even sucked his nails off from sucking so much. YIKES)

    neither were 'forced' to quit by anything, they just eventually stopped. and both happen to have perfect teeth and beautiful smiles :)

    i think he'll be a-OK :)