Monday, July 15, 2013

tsukiji fish market & our first baseball game

Jimmy and I went to Japan the year after we got married. Summer of 2008. Back then, I had Jimmy write a list of places he wanted to go. Among the obvious (Tokyo Tower, Akihabara, Disneyland, Miya-Jima, etc), he wrote Tsukiji Fish Market.

Unfortunately, we never made it there. So, I made it a point to go during this trip. I'm so glad we did. The Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest wholesale fish market in the world, and is known for their huge tuna auction. We didn't make it to the crazy 4am auction, but arrived at the wholesale area at 9am, when it is opened to the public.

*travel tip : The Tsukiji Fish Market has a lot of restrictions. No open toed shoes, no strollers (we had to fold it up and carry it around), no large bags, and NO KIDS). Yup, no small children. I was nervous the whole time, but luckily, nobody yelled at us.*

After strolling walking super fast inside the wholesale area, we visited the markets for fresh seafood. They had rows and rows of sushi restaurants crammed in very narrow lanes, and after walking around, we decided on a place to eat.
We waited for about 45 minutes, and it was completely worth it. I knew that Blee wouldn't be eating sashimi, so I bought him tamagoyaki (cooked eggs) to eat while waiting in line.

The photo below shows the whole restaurant. Counter seating ONLY with a super narrow aisle.
Fatty tuna, uni (sea urchins), and ikura (salmon roe). Best sashimi EVER. 

I think this was the only day we went back to the hotel to nap. After 3 hours of resting, we headed to the Jingu Stadium for our first ever baseball game in Japan.

Now, Japanese baseball games are very different from the ones here. First of all, the fans are REALLY into it. Like, REALLY REALLY into it. They have chants and songs for every player, a dance routine, several people in charge of waving team flags, a full-on band, constant singing and yelling, and, in the case of this particular team, umbrellas to wave every time they scored a run.

See the umbrellas?

And then there's the food. No hotdogs there...just wieners. Tons of sausages covered in hot mustard.

They also had waffles, curry, ramen noodles, and shaved ice.

And then, there are the beer girls. Girls with a keg on their back. For 750 yen, you can get all the popular beers...Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, or Yebisu.

Here's a clip of the fans. They were much more interesting than the game. Lol

Up next...our day at the Anpanman Museum.

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