Saturday, September 28, 2013


The other day I was looking back at my September picture folder and thought, wow, did this really happen this month? I can’t believe my son started preschool this month…it seems like he’s been going for months! And his birthday party? Can’t believe that was just 2 weeks ago. So much has happened this month, and with my work at school in full swing, I can’t seem to keep track of anything.

Thank the Lord for Google calendar and photos to prove what and when things happened!
So…preschool. Preschool started the first week of September. Same school – just new teachers and new classmates.

He has adjusted pretty well and has found new friends to hang out with. Now all I need to do is to pick him up on time and somehow muster up the courage to talk to the parents to start scheduling playdates! (both things which I am horrible at)

The weather has been so nice this month. We have been enjoying playing in the yard and even had dinner outside on the back porch!

Blee’s 3rd birthday was packed with people we love. It was all around a fun, relaxing day with a jumper, Lego Duplo table, coloring table, and lots of food.


Soccer is going well. Blee is the oldest of the bunch, so I think he likes to show off his skillz…

We were also able to celebrate our little friend's 1st birthday party. They had the cutest camping theme with tents, boats and pinwheels. 

Whew! Now I'm off to searching the internet for a Captain America-ninja costume for my son. Wish me luck!

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