Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sacramento: Fairytale Town/Capitol Building

Visiting Sacramento was never really on our agenda. We REALLY wanted to go to San Francisco for our Spring Break. We were way overdue for visiting Jimmy's Alma Mater (GO BEARS!), so the Bay Area was where our hearts were set. And then we started looking for hotels, which led us to days of groaning, cringing, gasping, and sighing. I believe our Spring Break coincided with San Francisco USD's Spring Break, which meant the cheapest *decent* hotels in the area started at $250, with $50/day for overnight parking. Times that for 5 nights...wasn't going to happen.

Long story short, after much deliberation, we decided on spending a couple of days in Sacramento. And I'm glad we did.

Our first stop was Fairytale Town, a super low-key, non profit park with 25 play sets based on popular nursery rhymes and fairy tales. For just $5.50 per person, we had a great time spending the day surrounded by quaint, nostalgic feeling play structures.

The entrance was made for little kids. My 5'1" self had to duck...just a little bit.

We purchased the "magic key" for a few dollars, which enabled us to activate songs and poems related to each play set.

Farmer Brown's Barn

The Cheese Stands Alone

Mr. McGregor's Garden

The Crooked Mile & Mother Goose

The Little Engine That Could

Jack and the Bean Stalk

Pretty neat, eh? I'm glad we got to visit...T was definitely at the right age to enjoy the park.

Later that day, we drove around Sacramento and stumbled upon the most gorgeous rose garden. We were able to smell the roses as soon as we got out of the car.

When in Sacramento, you visit the Capitol Building. We walked around the building, and admired the beautiful structure. I especially loved the golden light.

The following morning, we walked over to the California State Railroad Museum, located in Old Sacramento. We went to an amazing Railroad Museum in Japan, so my expectations were pretty high.

Here, we started the day with a short film, and then walked around exploring the history of railroads in the United States. As cool as this place was, I think it's definitely geared more towards older kids...and train nerds.

...and that is it for our Sac Town visit! Next up...Jelly Belly Factory and the oh-so-amazing Exploratorium.

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