Sunday, October 19, 2014

Seattle: Summer of 2014 (part 2)

Our third day in Seattle was also Jimmy's 33rd birthday. He LOOOOOVVEEES breakfast (I don't really care for it), so I let him choose a place to go eat. After consulting my roommate, and spending hours on Yelp, he decided that Toulouse Petit was where he wanted to start his day.

I had the Spicy Creole Andouille Hash and it was SO SO SO good. If all breakfasts were like this, I would have no problem.

After we stuffed ourselves, he headed to the original Costco, another location chosen by the birthday boy. Here's a photo of the Costco (sample) lovers, in front of the original wall.

We then headed to the Museum of Flight, and needless to say, the boys were over the moon *haha* with all the cool planes, gadgets, and simulations.

Check out the SR-71 in the middle of the building!

Mommy and T in the Shuttle Trainer.

With a real space suit!

Practicing the crash landings.

Stepping out of the Concorde.

T with the first 747.

Little guy flying lessons.

T fell asleep on our way to the Space Needle, so we grabbed a quick, nutritious lunch at the 7-Eleven, which consisted of sodas, chips, and cookies. This was my second time up the Needle, but there's something about watching the excitement of my 3-year old that made it all worth paying $21 again.

*The line to buy the tickets was ridiculously long, especially in the sun. Jimmy, being sun-phobic as he is, busted out his cell phone and proceeded to purchase the tickets on his phone. 2 minutes later, we beat the line and had our tickets for the elevator. We just had to show the receipt from his email at our appointment time. Boom!*

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the City Center. We especially enjoyed the International Fountain. Unfortunately, the photo below doesn't do any justice to the grand scale of the fountain.

Birthday dinner was from Mod Pizza

For dessert, my roommate took us to A La Mode Pies, located across from the Woodland Park Zoo. It was well past 9pm, but because Seattle is totally awesome, it was still bright out. 

We took the pies across the street, where T had fun playing on this awesome structure.

By this time, it was past 9:30pm!

We ended the night at Kerry Park, where we were able to see a gorgeous view of the city.

Thank you for an amazing time! Seattle, we love you! (and we love my roommate too!)